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Platinum Trailers are designed and built by the most skilled craftsmen in the industry. The fruits of their labor are trailers that are beyond comparison – setting a higher standard in the industry. The Platinum Trailer is uniquely designed as a whole, rather than being pieced together on an assembly line. More than 500 features are available for consideration. The finest, highest-grade materials are combined with superior workmanship and high-quality welding. The strongest floor and structure possible with rigid wall engineering for unsurpassed strength and service life. The most elegant, straight-sided look in the trailer industry.

The Platinum Trailer is a work of art. Each Platinum Trailer is custom-designed to your individual specifications from layout to finishing because we believe your trailer should be exactly how you want it. In addition, all trailers are built with cutting edge engineering and scientific principles to provide a trailer you can trust and count on for a lifetime. Each trailer you order personifies the vision of its people. Each Platinum Trailer joins durability, strength, elegance and style in trailers of true distinction. When you invest in a Platinum Trailer you’ll benefit from the finest, most advanced materials and workmanship.

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